Monday, April 10, 2006

Pineapple Dessert Shells

This is a superfast way of preparing a yummy dessert. The dish is really versatile. You could use any other canned fruits or just mix up a few of your favourites.

You need :

dessert cake shells (usually available at all supermarkets in the US)
canned pineapple
whipped cream

Arrange the dessert shells on a serving plate. Spoon in the pineapple juice from the canned pineapple into each dessert shell. Spoon in some shredded canned pineapple on each dessert shell. Top with whipped cream & arrange some shredded pineapple on the whipped cream.

Refrigerate till it is ready to serve.


shilpa said...

Welcome back Tina. I am so happy to see your new post :).It looks delicious

Puspha said...

Delicious looking!!!!

Vineela said...

HI tina,
I also made these dessert cups with icecream and fruit filling.
Nice to see your post.

Tina Jennifer D'Silva said...

Hey Vineela... these dessert shells are so versatle, you can have endless ways of making them more delicious..

Vineela said...

As you said we can make so many varities in less time.