Friday, August 04, 2006

Mom's Traditional Meatloaf

Another top recipe in my mom's list is her meatloaf & if its meatloaf, this is the standard way she would make it & nothing on earth would ever make her change the recipe. My mother generally uses about 1/2 kg bacon mince & 1/2 kg beef mince for this recipe. Since bacon mince is not easily available in the US, I use the meatloaf mix that you get in the meat section of the grocery store. It has a combination of pork, beef & veal & the right amount of fat to deliver a perfect meatloaf. Secondly, she wraps the meatloaf in an aluminium foil & steams it in an idli steamer. So you really dont need an oven to make this meatloaf. This recipe is a must try.

1 pkg of meatloaf mix (approx. 1 lb package)
1 egg
1/2 - 1 tsp nutmeg powder (depending on the intensity of the flavour desired)
3/4th tsp pepper powder
1 big lemon, squeeze juice
2 - 3 slices of bread, crumbed
salt, to taste

Mix all ingredients together. Shape into a loaf & bake in a 350 deg F, pre-heated oven till done & the top of the meatloaf looks nice & brown (approx. 45 - 50 mins). Alternatively, you can even wrap the meatloaf in an aluminium foil & steam it in an idli steamer. Once done, set aside for 15 mins & then slice it.

This meatloaf can be served hot as well as cold.


Puspha said...

Looks so juicy & yummy!!!

Tina Jennifer D'Silva said...

Hey Pushpa... U have to try it out. Its really awesome.

liza said...

Can you tell how can you shape the meatleaf some tips liz

liza said...

Can you suggest how to shape meatloaf some tips also

Anonymous said...

I add a few more ingredients to my meat loaf and it turns out as yummy. Add paprika, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce and tomato ketchup. Before baking spread a little tomato ketchup on the meat loaf. That helps to maintain the moisture and adds to the taste.